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Tetrax for TAL J-8
Presets Sound Designer TAL-J8
Introducing my first sound set for TAL's J-8 synth, a beautifully crafted emulation of Roland's original Jupiter-8 synth. TAL J-8 Tetrax offers 140 modern cinematic analog patches...
Directors cut - U-He Diva
Presets Diva Sound Designer
‘Director’s Cut’ features 128 sounds for U-he Diva.  Inspired by the Blade Runner soundtrack. This bank captures the space and epic scope of the sounds fro..
'Retroscapes' for CA2600
Presets CA2600
'Retroscapes' contains 90 presets for Cherry Audio's CA2600 synthesizer, including retro sci-fi soundscapes, powerful vintage basses, expressive analog leads and other synth sounds.What..
'Timeless 80's' for TAL-J8
Presets TAL-J8
'Timeless 80s' is comprised of 75 retro style presets for TAL-J8.  The J8 is a bona-fide 80s/Synthwave beast, with many of these patches utilizing its Dual mode for extra fat, layered vin..
'Ultimate 80s' for PPG Wave 3.V
Presets Sound Designer PPG Wave
Our second PPG Wave 3.V soundset, "Ultimate 80s," contains another 128 retro-inspired sounds capturing the essense of a bygone era. As our previous release was originally created back in 200..
'Pure 80s' for U-he RePro
Presets Repro
'Pure 80s' contains 100+ presets for U-he Repro 1/5, taking you on a grand tour of the sounds that defined the decade.  Whether you are a producer of Synthwave music or 80s cover songs, o..
Hive 2 Soundbank by Mitch Murder
Artist Presets U-He Hive
Here's a collection of sounds I made for U-He Hive 2. The general theme is dark & light, so there are a lot of classic light sounds but also some dark & gritty ones.There are 60..
Analog Cyberpunk for Pigments
Artist Presets Pigments
Analog Cyberpunk upgrades your Pigments synth with the newest technology of the near dystopian future. No matter if you need huge pads for the sound of big megacities, gritty basslines to create power..
Serumwave - Volume 4 (Cyberpunk) - XFER Serum
Artist Presets Serum
Introducing Serumwave 4, taking Serum to new heights with Cyberpunk.Serum is a next-gen synth and is truly capable of some great things. It's one of my all-time favourites!My new pack will get you cre..
Retro Science
Presets Spire Sound Designer
Retro Science is a collection of 90 high quality presets bringing together sounds from modern Synthwave and Science Fiction Cinema. Retro Science has cinematic sci-fi pads, synthwave inspired keys, ar..
Bioscape [Kontakt Instrument] Bioscape [Kontakt Instrument]
Kontakt Instrument
 Important release notes: Do not use Kontakt 6.4.0 released August 26, this specific version is not working properly in general so Native Instruments made a hotfix. Update to 6.4.1 released Septe..
Presets Spire Sound Designer
Dystopia is a collection of 100 high quality presets inspired by the cinematic worlds of cyberpunk and retro sci-fi horror. Dystopia brings together dark atmospheres, cinematic pads, synthwave inspire..
Presets Spire Sound Designer
Aphotic is a collection of 128 high quality presets contrasting the darkness with the light. Inspired by the sounds of Dark Electro, Cyberpunk, Darksynth and Dark Synthwave and featuring distorted bas..
Uno LX Origins
TAL U No LX Presets Sound Designer
U-NO-LX Origins is a collection of 160 patches for TAL's U-NO-LXThis sound set is a throw back to the glorious days of the 80's. Best suited for retro style/synth wave type of projects but equ..
Repro-5 Atrea
Presets Repro Sound Designer
Repro-5 Atrea is a collection of 150 modern cinematic analog patches for u-he's Repro-5 synth.It is cinematic by nature, offering modern analog sounds in multiple categories.  It is equally u..
Hive Varinox
Presets U-He Hive Sound Designer
Hive Varinox is a collection of 150 patches for u-he's Hive 1.2 synth.With a focus on organic cinematic sounds, it takes full advantage of all the new wavetables. Hive Varinox delivers inspir..
Dark Zebra Valiant
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Dark Zebra "Valiant" is a collection of 180 cinematic patches for u-he's Dark Zebra 2.  With a focus on cinematic sci-fi sounds, it offers both delicate animated ambient textures an..
Zebra Valiant
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Zebra "Valiant" is a collection of 180 cinematic patches for u-he's Zebra 2 and Dark Zebra.  With a focus on cinematic sci-fi sounds, it offers both delicate animated ambient textur..
Hive Aeon
Presets U-He Hive Sound Designer
Hive Aeon is a collection of 150 patches for u-he's Hive synth.With a focus on cinematic sounds, it offers both delicate ambient textures, pads and dark electronic type patches in a variety of dif..
Vintage Monsters - Diva Soundbank by King Stephen
Artist Presets Diva
60 custom made presets for U -HE DIVA that dives deep into the atmospheric and cinematic sound of madness of King Stephen. This collection of sounds contains Heavy Basses, Haunting Leads and Macabre P..
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