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Korg DW-8000, 64 new retro patches for synthpop, synthwave, & italo disco ++
Artist Presets DW8000
A download pack of 64 original patches for the Korg DW-8000/EX-8000 synthesizer.In the sysex format.Both as a SYSEX bank patch, but also in individual program patches for your convenience.If you'r..
Korg Poly-61 | 64 NEW PATCHES for Italo Disco / Synthpop / Synthwave
Artist Korg Poly 61
Instructions on how to load these into your own Poly-61 is included as well as a written patch sheet with the parameters for all the 64 sounds should you wish to study the programming or input these p..
Roland Alpha Juno 1/2 - 64 Patches
Artist Presets Alpha Juno
64 original awesome patches for anything retro synth related. Pads, strings, basses, sweeps. bells and much more.All organized into banks of 8.Full compatibility with the classic hardware Roland Alpha..
Roland D-50 / 32 Retro patches
Artist Presets D-50
 32 Original patches for the Roland D-50. These patches are created by me to emulate classic analogue synth sounds for use in all kinds of electronic music. I've had the D-50 since the d..
Roland Juno-106 | 64 New Retro Patches by Espen Kraft
Artist Presets Juno 106
Retro patches ready-to go for Synthpop, Synthwave, Pop or whatever genre you prefer.Pads, Bass, Strings, Bells, Keys, Sweeps and other highly usable sounds.The original Juno-106 cannot dump or load in..
Roland JX-3P | 32 New Patches for SynthPop / Italo Disco / Synthwave
Artist Presets JX-3P
Check the video above for demo and tutorial on how to load these into your own Roland JX-3P. Should you not be able to load the patches into your 3P, for whatever reason, I've included a..
Roland JX-8P / JX-10 / MKS-70 / PG-8X - 32 Retro Presets
Artist Presets PG8x
 A download pack of 32 patches for the Roland JX-8P / JX-10 / MKS-70 / PG-8X in the sysex format.The patches are created from me and many of them is sounds directly from my album "Those Days..
TAL Sampler - The Digital Collection Vol.1 by Espen Kraft
Artist Presets TAL Sampler
Do you want the best old-school synth patches from 11 different classic synths?128 awesome patch presets and 8 performance presets ready to go. The best sounds from my vintage collection. Sounds ..
TAL Sampler - The Digital Collection Vol.2 Korg Poly-61 & Poly-800
Artist Presets TAL Sampler
Espen Kraft Digital Collection Vol.2 - Korg Poly-61 and Poly-800 - For the TAL samplerIn the early 80s, Korg released two synthesizers, the Poly-61 (1982) and the Poly-800 (1983). Capable of very uniq..
The Ultimate Italo Disco / Synth-Pop Sample Pack ! - By Espen Kraft
Artist Drums MIDI Pack Samples Sound Designer
* Espen Kraft Italo Disco / Synth-pop Sample Pack *Thank you for buying this sample-pack!I've spent a long time recording, sampling and processing the sounds in this pack, with focus on quality an..
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