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Ambient Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2.6

Ambient Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2.6
Ambient Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2.6
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Ambient Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2.6
Ambient Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2.6
Ambient Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2.6
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Ambient Soundscapes is a beatless, light and mindful voyage into ambient music. A contrast to the chaos, noise, loudness and sound pollution, painting a quiet image in a moment of stillness and as neo-expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat once said “Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time…”
Ambient Soundscapes is the first soundset by Danish ambient producer and sound designer Lauge, released exclusively on the Luftrum brand.
With a long history of writing electronic music, Henrik Laugesen better known under the pseudonym Lauge or as part of Lauge & Baba Gnohm, still continues to express himself through deep and melancholic soundscapes ranging from beatless drones to IDM and Glitch. With a career spanning over two decades and releases with many major labels, Lauge has established a very firm foothold within the Ambient genre, which is deeply rooted in the foundation of the Luftrum brand.
Lauge’s debut set Ambient Soundscapes contains 72 signature presets and delivers a variety of ambient sounds from lush to distorted pads to beatless textures and warped drones, mysterious soundscapes, glitchy experimental keys and bits of uncrowded dusty anomalies. Moreover, the set is infused with a few acid lines and spacey arpeggios, perfect for ambient and drone subgenres, summing up a set that feels ascending and meditative at the same time.
The set shines in the low end of the keyrange and the presets invite you to set the BPM to 40 and reach deep down your keyboard, sustaining and holding single notes or simple chords to hear them unfold over time, while you close your eyes and drift away in time and space. The set is inspired by ambient electronic artists such as Hilyard, SVLBRD, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea, Endless Melancholy and Zakè.
Ambient Soundscapes is created in Omnisphere 2.6, so you need that version or later to play the sounds. All presets are sorted in official Spectrasonics categories and have a few dB headroom.
There’s a PDF guide included describing how to install the set, it’s an easy 1-click installation.
Does this contain documentation? Yes, Installation PDF.
File Information
File type .omnisphere,
Pack information
Types of genres this is well suited to ambient, chillout, cinematic, electronic, experimental,
What type of pack is this? Soundbank for Omnisphere 2.6 & above
Synth details
Name of synth Spectrasonics Omnisphere
What's inside?
No. of presets 72
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