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Crystal Clarity Drums - Volume 1

Crystal Clarity Drums - Volume 1
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This pack contains, no bs, some of the cleanest synthwave drum samples that you will lay your hands on anywhere on the web. It includes kicks, snares, hats and claps, 94 of them. Using these as the foundations for you track will bring a base level of clarity to your mix that you just will not get with the drum samples that are currently out there. Even many of the most popular synthwave artists right now would benefit from buying this pack but hopefully, they don't and you do! Check out the example video to hear the proof.



Note by Arcade Summer:

Crystal Clarity Synthwave Drums - 32bit 48000hz Stereo

These synthwave drum samples were refined over many intense months. You will find that if you mix with these as a starting point you entire tune will sound clearer!

I don't mind saying that they are super crystal quality! I would sometimes spend an entire day working on a single drum part. Aiming to create the most well-balanced sound with the punch in exactly

the right place and nice crisp clarity on the high end. 

Also, the samples have optimised stereo spread. Very special attention was paid to all of these samples. 

My advice is to drop the kick, snare, hats in separate channels then route them all to their own channel where you add slight additional compression and

a very tiny amount of short reverb to round them all into the same space on the soundstage. 

These samples were in the making for the new Arcade Summer album. Unfortunately, Arcade Summer was abandoned.

Technical information about audio data
WAV File information 32-bit floating point 48000khz WAV
What's inside?
No. of samples 94
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The best drums ever made for Retrowave, Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Darksynth & many more. Lovingly crafted & ready to go!..

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