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Essential Allsorts - Synth1

Essential Allsorts - Synth1
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80 Presets for Synth1

Many people think that freeware vst instruments are of a lesser quality. They might think that they will only achieve that classic analog emulation using a paid synth that claims to be 'all that' and more but I am here to break this misconception.

Synth1 has been around for a long time and has been constantly updated. Synth1 is actually more versitile than Tal Uno and has been my go to soft synth for around a decade. Load your Arcade Summer presets into the zip bank directory and be on your way to authentic sounding tunes.

These presets are loosly based on selected factory presets from the Prophet 6 and Nord Lead and cover the whole range of vibes which makes this pack a great all rounder to have loaded as your default synth1 bank. 

Note: MPM/Multipack, An early synthwave great used synth1 exclusively and single handedly coined the true nostalgic and smooth vibe of synthwave in around 2009. Check him out on youtube to see what I mean. 

You can download synth1 for free here:

Pack information
What type of pack is this? Soundbank
Synth details
Name of synth SYNTH1
What's inside?
No. of presets 80
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