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Tetrax for TAL J-8

Tetrax for TAL J-8
Tetrax for TAL J-8
Presets Sound Designer TAL-J8
Tetrax for TAL J-8
Tetrax for TAL J-8
Tetrax for TAL J-8
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Introducing my first sound set for TAL's J-8 synth, a beautifully crafted emulation of Roland's original Jupiter-8 synth. TAL J-8 Tetrax offers 140 modern cinematic analog patches.

These sounds perfectly expand your palette of synth sounds, to complement your next TV/Film drama/Sci-fi project.

Influences are of course many of the 80’s artists such as Tangerine DreamPaul HardcastleVince ClarkeHarold Faltermeyer and Depeche Mode and also numerous composers, namely Junkie XLBTGiorgio Moroder and John Carpenter, who has made good use of this incredibly versatile instrument. Very few polysynths can match the brilliance of this sonic beast. Having owned an original Jupiter-8 in the past, TAL has done an incredible job with this. Yes, I do regret selling mine back in the mid 90's.

Perfect for any underscore situation that requires swirling inspiring single and dual-layer arpeggios, fat analog synth basslines and basses, dreamy layered pads and soundscapes, taking full advantage of the dual-layer architecture of this synth, driving analog pulses and lot's of imaginative synth sounds, to complement your next sonic adventure.

Many patches offer added adaptability programmed into the mod and pitch wheel, for more expression, to make these sounds truly come alive.

Patches also offer MPE support.   

Does this contain documentation? Yes, PDF.
File Information
File type .pjp8,
Pack information
Types of genres this is well suited to ambient, analog, cinematic, electronic, experimental, cyberpunk, idm,
What type of pack is this? Soundbank for TAL J-8
Synth details
Name of synth TAL J-8
What's inside?
No. of presets 140
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